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In this weeks instalment of the one man podcast (for now) it’s chock full of good news although little in the way of tech news in this episode. So good in fact I’m going to play the music from perhaps the best advert in the world, bar none. It’s not a xmas advert but for breaded based snack and it includes the Muppets. What isn’t there to like?

In this episode

1. Hell freezes over as Fibre makes its way to my small part of the work
2. Moved hosts. Hurrah for speed, boo for anything do to with DNS.
3. Stop looking as anything you’d do normally on a desktop as being niche on the iPad.
4. The best opportunity to make money on the app store is the iPad.
5. Blockless. Why it’s awesome!

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The Crumpets Show and What is A Crumpet?

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